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I'm Keith, a passionate UX strategist collaborating with developers and stakeholders to design and deliver enterprise products that solve real problems for real people.

I have the strong urge for your customers to succeed.

Please have a look at my design portfolio to see how I can assist you and your team.


I craft engaging, usable interfaces for humans with context, empathy and design thinking across an ever expanding landscape of systems, services and devices.


Motion Graphic Design, traveling, skateboarding, skiing / boarding, hiking, biking and finding the next delicious craft brew or glass of wine with my wife, family and friends.


“The core user experience is not a set of features; in fact, it is the job users hire the product for.”

Nikkel Blaase

User Centered Design

Design as a process reinforced by practical methodologies, supporting a user's context, culture or disposition when working with a system, service or device.

User Interface Design

The design of systems, services or devices and their associated interfaces with the explicit goal of making the user's interaction as simple, efficient and (often) as enjoyable as possible.

User Experience

The resulting perception one has having interacted with a system, service or device, typically based upon specific metrics such as usability, accessibility and satisfaction.

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Federal Firearms Licensee Compliance Manager

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Eagle N Series

Epicor's Flagship Application for SMB

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The Supply Place

Ace Hardware's B2B Website

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Eagle Mobile+

Responsive Mobile Web Design

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I hope to hear from you soon :)